Addvantage 4U works with businesses and organisations to help them rapidly improve their business efficiency and results. Our scientifically researched and proven diagnostics objectively analyse the internal and external factors affecting the achievement of a business’s results and provide a prioritised blueprint via a change management framework. We then support the change management process, including the measurement of progress and impact.

Challenges Addvantage 4U can help you resolve

Are you looking for ways to make your business more efficient and successful by:

  • Increasing productivity?
  • Increasing your margins?
  • Improving shareholder returns?
  • Achieving more repeat business from customers?
  • Improving staff satisfaction and retention?
  • Strengthening long-term sustainable growth?

Or are you considering a major business change such as:

  • An acquisition or merger?
  • Restructuring?
  • Growth?
  • Introducing new technology, systems or products?
  • Becoming more adaptable or flexible to capture changing markets?

Our programme, comprising Verax International’s Strategic Profile (SP) and Organisational Transitions (OTI) diagnostics and Addvantage 4U’s change management framework, will enable your business to identify the necessary prioritised changes. We provide specific steps to implement these changes effectively and measure implementation progress and impact.

“Improving business efficiency is an area we support, and so is improving business effectiveness – outcomes matter. We need to get the balance right between efficiency and change management.”

How the Strategic Profile and Organisational Transitions work

Successful businesses convert resources on the left of the diagram below to the outcomes on the right through the Performance Bearing Mechanisms (PBM) shown. Rigorous research has confirmed that effective operation of these PBMs distinguishes successful from less successful organisations. Using data gathered from the business, our diagnostics measure the effectiveness of its mechanisms in achieving the outcomes sought, including how they interact with each other.

AV4U Infographics Revised 01 1 scaled

Our Change Management Framework Programme

We work with organisations to deliver the SP and OTI through the following logical stages:

  • Orientation, development of outline timetable and communication plan
  • A facilitated SP workshop with the Board and completion of easy-to-complete questionnaires generates a report which:
    • Confirms the organisation’s operating context and objectives
    • Provides a blueprint of the strategy needed to achieve them, including high-performance criteria and/or profiles for structures, business process efficiencies, organisational culture, marketplace strategies, leadership, teamworking, and individual employee productivity and effectiveness.
  • Completion of short OTI online questionnaires by staff members these generate a report which provides:
    • Gap analysis with the SP
    • Benchmark with other organisations
    • Prioritised recommendations
  • Co-creation of the implementation plan
  • Support to change programme implementation, remeasurement to quantify progress and impact on results, and regular programme review.
  • Calculation of overall financial return on investment of the intervention.
Change management framework programme at Addvantage 4U