Addvantage 4U Behavioural insights for performance impact.

Addvantage 4U‘s fast, accurate and reliable behavioural diagnostics increase your organisation’s productivity and the effectiveness and wellbeing of your teams and employees. 

How Can We Help You?

Addvantage 4U’s proven scientific diagnostic tools and expertise in transformational change management provide faster, more comprehensive analysis and diagnosis than are available from conventional consulting methods. We enable organisations to:

  • Start dealing with priority issues faster
  • Improve business performance and results earlier
  • Measure improvements with confidence, and
  • Calculate the value of the intervention to their bottom line

Addvantage 4U’s sophisticated, easy to use diagnostic-based approach identifies the root causes of your business performance issues, provides prioritised options to achieve the greatest and quickest improvement to your business results, and supports your business through change implementation.

“Addvantage 4U delivers prioritised recommendations for change, fully supported by empirical evidence, within days of gathering initial data.”

Speak to our experienced team and find out how you can improve the effectiveness of your whole organisation, divisions, teams and employees.

How We Do It

Our core programme, created and delivered with Verax International Limited, has been developed from robust, global, empirical research into what top performing, effective organisations, teams, leaders and individual employees specifically do that enables them to perform at a consistently high level.

This research shows that a high performing organisation:

  • Consistently achieves its strategic goals
  • Successfully initiates and manages change
  • Enjoys mutually rewarding relationships with key stakeholders
  • Has minimal conflict and stress internally and externally

Importantly, this research identifies the specific factors that lead to these outcomes at organisation, team and individual levels.

Mark Discussing Behavioural Insights for Performance Impact | Advantage 4U

The principal benefits of our approach are:

Accuracy and Reliability icon | behavioural insight and diagnosis | Advantage 4U

Accuracy and Reliability

Our diagnostics analyse the whole or any part of an organisation to recommend prioritised actions to achieve the greatest impact on its strategic objectives.

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We can make recommendations to the Main Board within days of the start of our data collection.

Programme Management icon| behavioural insight and diagnosis | Advantage 4U

Programme Management

We work with clients to establish and deliver the change programmes they need to achieve their business objectives.

Employee and Stakeholder Buy-in icon | behavioural insight and diagnosis | Advantage 4U

Employee and Stakeholder Buy-in

We enable leadership teams to build staff and stakeholder buy-in to change by providing objective real-world data and management information to articulate the case for change.

Measurement icon | behavioural insight and diagnosis | Advantage 4U


Our diagnostics and remeasures show progress and impact on results and give clients control of the process.

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We benchmark clients’ systems and processes against those of comparator organisations and make change recommendations in the context of their specific needs.

Our Services

Through behavioural insights and diagnosis for performance impact, the Addvantage 4U programme improves the adaptability and effectiveness of: