About Us

Addvantage 4U works with organisations, teams and individuals to improve business results by quickly and reliably identifying issues impacting effectiveness and supporting the implementation of focused solutions.   

Why Addvantage 4U?

Addvantage 4U combines Verax International Limited’s proven scientifically researched diagnostics with our extensive transformational change programme experience to work with businesses to identify quickly and accurately any changes needed to achieve their objectives. These business objectives could include:

  • Improving business efficiency, performance and results
  • Increasing margins
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Strengthening employee engagement
  • Managing change in the workplace to ensure the effective implementation of planned changes such as mergers, corporate restructuring or growth, or the introduction of new systems, technologies or product
  • Developing the human skills that staff need to be effective, from entry to Board level

With Verax’s sophisticated, easy-to-use organisational and behavioural diagnostics, we can identify the impact different elements of a business, including its structures, systems, and operating environment, and the behaviours of individuals and teams have on business results and what changes will have the greatest impact.

We use our transformational change programme expertise to work with businesses to develop, implement and quantify the impact of the change programme they require.

“Addvantage 4U’s timely and accurate analysis of the programme, their clear articulation of issues and priorities and their practical application of programme management techniques played a critical part in developing our forward plan.” – Client

Meet the team

Addvantage 4U’s co-founders and directors have extensive experience and expertise:

Mark van Der Lande | Managing change in the workplace | Addvantage 4U

Mark van der Lande CBE

Mark van der Lande is a former senior Army officer and is a graduate of the Oxford University/Cabinet Office’s Major Programme Leadership Academy. He has considerable experience leading the initiation and implementation of major UK Government and international transformational change programmes and of working directly with Government ministers and Board level leadership.

Isabel de Minvielle Devaux | Managing change in the workplace | Addvantage 4U

Isabel de Minvielle Devaux

Isabel de Minvielle Devaux worked for more than 25 years in a top 10 FTSE company and has extensive experience in delivering corporate HR projects at a global level. Her experience includes developing and implementing corporate projects and programmes alongside Board and senior leadership level teams.