Addvantage 4U’s programme enables employees to become more effective and productive by developing the human skills which rigorous research shows high-performing employees display.

Addvantage 4U’s employee development programme uses the Personal Effectiveness and Productivity (PEP) online diagnostic to measure individuals’ current behavioural styles, adaptability and effectiveness, including any difference between their current levels and those needed by their employer. PEP accurately and rapidly identifies individuals’ strengths to exploit and areas to develop. Our programme then supports employees’ development, measures their progress and quantifies the impact on business results.  

Increasing productivity, empowering employees to succeed and improving employee wellbeing result in greater profitability, staff satisfaction, and business success.

Our research has shown that effective employees are those who:

  • Consistently achieve their goals
  • Establish and sustain mutually rewarding relationships with others
  • Successfully initiate and manage change
  • Have emotional stability and wellbeing

“Our PEP diagnostic does not solely depend on participants’ own experience. It gives an objective measurement of individuals’ skills, including strengths they might not be aware of because they have not had the opportunity to use them.”

Employee Development Programme with PEP

Research for PEP has identified the 12 adaptability factors which drive effectiveness. PEP measures these factors to analyse what individuals achieve (the outcomes), and what they do (their behaviours) and then diagnoses the cause/effect relationship between the two. The programme provides focused guidance to individuals on what to change and what not to change and why, and shows the impact of the changes they have made on their outcomes.

Our research also shows that adapting one’s behaviour to engage with different people and changing contexts and circumstances is critical to effectiveness, as the diagram below shows.

AV4U Infographics Revised 03 1 scaled

Our team works with organisations to deliver PEP through the following steps:

  • Orientation, development of outline timetable and communication plan
  • Completion by participants of the short, easy-to-use PEP online diagnostic
  • Provision of individual reports
  • Mentoring support, both one-to-one and through group workshops and exercises
  • Provision of a comprehensive handbook
  • Re-measurement to quantify individual progress and business impact
  • Anonymised cohort data analysis to support management
  • Calculation of a financial return on investment for the intervention
Employee development with Addvantage 4U