Divisions and Teams

Addvantage 4U helps teams improve their business efficiency and results. Our scientifically researched and proven diagnostic assessment objectively analyses the internal and external factors affecting the delivery of the team’s results and provides prioritised recommendations for change. We then support the change management process, including the quantification of progress and impact.

Effective teams achieve:

  • Results the business requires
  • Customer loyalty and staff engagement
  • The change effectiveness, growth and sustainability the business needs
  • A climate of trust, respect, efficiency and performance
  • Team performance where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual team members

Teams function at three levels simultaneously:

  • Through individual members using their technical expertise and their relationships with other members
  • As a unit where the efficiency of key team processes is important
  • As part of a larger system where relationships and shared responsibility with other parts of the organisation matter

Our data shows that in over 80% of teams, there is no consensus between team members about team purpose, role, or the goals the team must achieve; nor is there alignment with the parent organisation’s strategic objectives.

“Addvantage 4U’s approach was tailored to meet the needs of our programme and quickly provided clear analysis and practical steps to enable effective exploitation of the transformation programme’s potential and to quantify its impact.”


Team Effectiveness (TEI): How does TEI work?

Verax International’s TEI analyses exactly what helps or hinders a team achieve its strategic objectives. TEI research identified what differentiates outstanding from average teams and the key processes that are critical to team success. Teams act as a system which, diagrammatically, looks like this:

AV4U Infographics Revised 1 scaled

Our Team Effectiveness Programme

TEI analyses how a team’s performance drivers affect outcomes and makes recommendations for change following a diagnostic assessment. Our team works with organisations to deliver TEI through the following steps:

  • Orientation, development of outline timetable and communication plan
  • 15-minute online TEI diagnostics completed by team members and by teams with which the subject team interacts
  • TEI report provides results, analysis and recommendations
  • Programme co-created with the client
  • Programme delivery. Activities include facilitated workshops and, if needed, individual development programmes, supported by materials.
  • Re-measurement after 3-4 months
  • Impact and financial return on investment quantified. Further programme activities delivered if required.
Diagnostic assessment at Addvantage 4U